Meh, why not?
  1. Mad as a hatter
    My mother had me tested.
  2. Imported Yank
    Been in Europe since 1995, the U.K. Since 1997.
  3. Mother to an amazing daughter (who is 20). She's obsessed with Supernatural and does fan fiction. She has over 30,000 followers or something mental. She totally owns my ❤️.
  4. Green Party Member and Democratic Socialist
  5. Love my beloved Rufus
    He needs a lady. Bitches, do you feel me?
  6. Has strange celebrity crushes. Hugh Laurie is top of that list. And Billie Piper. And Eva Green. And the chick from Jessica Jones.
  7. Cynical and sarcastic
  8. Loves dark humour
  9. Runs numerous Facebook groups and is a social media addict.
    Everything from a Viz Top Tips group to a hair and beauty group.
  10. Happily engaged to the sexiest man alive @planetjaxx, who is so incredibly patient, loving and perfect.
    He's often mistaken for one of those cunts from Oasis. I forget which one.
  11. Enjoys the odd vacuous television program
    Such as Hollyoaks. But other soaps can fuck right off.
  12. Hates chick flicks. Loves psychological thrillers and British gangster films.
  13. Obsessed with TV in general.
    Thank the heavens for Kodi! Ask me for my trakt details.
  14. Major Prince fan - we both are.
    We aren't dealing with his death as well as we could be. I was driving when I got the news. Not a good thing.