A list of the things I don't do, convince John to do or pay someone else to do.
  1. Grating cheese. I will avoid this to extremes. If I can't buy it or convince John, it usually won't happen.
  2. Dishes. I do all the cooking. You can wash up. If I do wind up washing up, it will be the cleanest you've ever seen. And if you do the washing up and I find something not clean and WELL RINSED, I go mental.
  3. Taking out the rubbish. Nope. Nope. And more nope. I will gladly scrub a skid-marked toilet or an oven for hours over taking out the rubbish.
  4. Cutting the grass. I know, asthma is sexy, but it's my eyes itching for days afterward that wind me up.
  5. Sanding down walls in preparation for decorating. Hate it. May invest in yet another power tool for this purpose.
  6. Ironing. I have a clothes dryer and a washing line outside. I haven't ironed in over a year.
  7. Folding socks. How mind-numbingly boring. I folded John's socks yesterday. It proves my love.
  8. Doing anything that requires ladders. For someone who has a fear of heights and is clumsy, just no. Luckily John is tall enough for when I want the ceilings bleached in the bathroom. My cleaner doesn't do heights, either.
  9. Folding underwear. Why? What's the point? They have their own drawer, that's all they need.