In no particular order. Will be evolving.
  1. Pay off all of any debt we owe. It's not much, but I hate it.
  2. Pay off my mom's debt and get her the best cancer treatments in the world.
  3. Get married - finally. Destination wedding most likely. Decide on which last name we're going to take.
  4. Buy a house near me for my daughter. This way if she wants her own space, she has it. Then pay for my daughter to have a better education at the university of her choice with full time learning coaches.
  5. Pay off my siblings's mortgages and give them $100,000 each to invest in their future with the stipulation that none of it can go to any religious or homophobic organisation.
    If they fuck it up, that's their problem.
  6. Donate to numerous charities
    Specifically ones that are involved in medical research, helping animals, preventing homelessness and supporting parents of autistic children.
  7. Travel for six months deciding what we want to do before making any business decisions. See the world, take in the cultures, try lots of food.
  8. Buy or build a house in the UK near John's family. Complete with full beauty salon, bar, sauna, indoor therapy pool, hot tub and home cinema. To
  9. Buy a house in the USA near my family. Complete with full beauty salon, bar, sauna, indoor therapy pool, hot tub and home cinema.
  10. Decide where we want to live full time or whether we want to just just travel
  11. Get John a green card to make it easier to travel.
  12. Structure my days: I strive on structure
  13. Purchase an old Jaguar for the UK
  14. Purchase a muscle car for the USA
  15. Learn the guitar
    I have tiny hands so it's hard
  16. Drum kit
  17. Find a cure for cluster headaches
  18. Kick Donald Trump in the cock. Repeatedly.
  19. Find a hairdresser to do my hair every morning. One that travels with me.
  20. I would probably buy numerous houses in my hometown for all of my nieces and nephews to ensure they never have to struggle again.
  21. Pay someone to come up with ideas of how to prank my sisters on a regular basis.
  22. Purchase numerous items from Prince's vault and only share them with a few people for at least two years.