For years, these are my essentials 🚿 ; can't do without !
  1. Exfoliating Towel
    DAISO ! They have them best or Japan Town.
  2. Razor 🙆🏻👯
    Mach 4
  3. Moisturizing Conditioner
    Used at least every other day. My preferred product this time is Hempz deep conditioning.
  4. Baby Shampoo
    No more tears !
  5. Daily Face Wash
    Salicylic acid soapy wash.
  6. Weekly Facial Scrub (use in place of daily face wash)
    Origins facial gommage works perfect !
  7. Soap - gel or bar soap
    Has to be perfumed !
  8. Regular Shampoo (Moisturizing)
    Once every 3 days.