1. I new something was wrong...
    I was 13 when I noticed that something was wrong. I had theese kind of splitting headaches in my head everyother month ore sow. However the headaches came more frequently and I was gonna go and see a doctor about the pain the next week.
  2. Where it happened
    It was a cold winterday, which are rear here in Bergen. I was out skating on the lake with my dad and my brother. My dad noticed that something strange happened with my eyes. one was contracted because of the bright light, wheil the other pupil was so big that it was like it was dark.
  3. The longest day of my life - part 1
    My dad took me to a friend of his that was a doctor. She saw that there was nothing wrong with my motorical skills, but she sent me on to a specialist at the eyeclinnic to take some more test. When we arrived there, it was past 8 in the evening and the oncall doctor didn't find anything wrong with me either. But he saw that something going one and ordered an MR so we could se what was going on in my head.
  4. The longest day of my life - part 2
    We where sent by car up to the MR-departement. Where I went into one of those gigantic MRI machines. After about half an hour I was rushed to the intensiv care, where they inbedded me on the spot. I was told that I had an beging tumor inside my head, and that they would operate on me as soon as possible. The operation was scheduled bright an early the next morning. With in 24 hours I went frome an carefree 13 year old boy to a grownup.
  5. Aftermath - part 1
    When I woke up again from the anastetic, I had lost half the feeling in my face. I couldnt walk probably, and my motorskills was all gone to hell. I felt like shit. I wouldn't eat, I felt sick all the time and I fell a sleep all the time because of the drugs i had to take. My hall family rushed to me as I was near death. (at least thats what they have told me) As that wasnt enough, I was on a sickleeve from the hopital one weekend, and this was because the doctor said that this was allright.
  6. Aftermath - part 2
    When I came back I got a cerebral hemorage after al the moving me around. I lost my ability to speak, and a lot of the mobility that I had gotten back by then. I had to stay 6 months on the hospital. When i was there I had a strict regime with physical therapy to learn to walk again, i went to a speech terapist to learn to talk again and I went to school to keep up with the 7 graders that I was one of at the time.
  7. The life after the hospital - part 1
    When I left the hospital I had learned 4 tings. 1. You'll come along way with a smile on your lips and a hug in your pocket. 2. Its no good feeling sorry for oneself, Its much better to just be happy. 3. Live each day as it is your last. 4. Never give up! I'm in this moment 33 year old, I've been trough 2 big operations, and 2 small once and I've been paralysez twice.
  8. The life after the hospital - part 2
    After working hard i'm now living with my handicaps. I've learned to walk again, I've finished a degree in the universety, and I've got a steady job. I've just bought my one a partememt, and are living hapyly in Bergen. The reason that i'm telling you my story is for you to know that even if your pat is looking bleak at best, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.