The 1986 short is leaving Disney World as of December 6.
  1. Michael Jackson did think he was bad. Real, real bad.
  2. It wigs me out how much MJ looks like Janet from some angles, but then I remember. Oh. Siblings.
  3. I'd like to slap Hooter (the elephantesque character)
  4. Anjelica Huston (Supreme Leader) pulls off the legless look. And after she gets the gift of song, she glows and has teeny waist.
  5. Am distracted by blond male dancer, who I believe was choreographer in pre-show tape, but I cannot prove via IMDB.
  6. In the pre-show we see work done on the brows of Dick Shaw (Commander Bog).
  7. I should make a list of "EO" adjectives, but I lose interest after "ragtag."
  8. What happened in the crew's previous disastrous missions? Time for prequel? Who would play captain?
  9. I should do a Twitter poll about killing EO. (I did).
  10. Oh, you '80s.