1. They know Magic Kingdom is a physical, specific place, not a nickname for Walt Disney World in general.
  2. They are a cast member, were a cast member or know someone who is one to butter up.
  3. They know cast member is Disneyspeak for "employee."
  4. They know which parks the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is at.
  5. They're not sure on their SeaWorld stance but they know someone who works there, so they're worried.
  6. They are sometimes momentarily thrown by a "Blackfish" or a "Blackish" reference.
  7. They know if they are too tall to be Mickey, but just right to be Tigger.
  8. They know when not to drive on International Drive.
  9. They've already seen Mannheim Steamroller and KC & the Sunshine Band, but not on the same night.
  10. When they make reference to France, there's a 50-50 chance they're talking about the one in Epcot.
  11. They are aware that Animal Kingdom is "not a zoo" because of endless late 1990s commercials.
  12. They are not on vacation.