Female superheroes that I genuinely love
  1. Psylock
    I always thought Psylock had one of the more cooler powers, and could've been so much more with creativity. But she was a major badass who died like, multiple times and came back and that was enough.
  2. Jubilee
    The first Asian American superhero I came across that wasn't a god damn stereotype. What I liked most about Jubilee was she aced like a real teenager. Worst superpowers ever, bit character goes a long way.
  3. Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)
    We almost have to put Carol somewhere. Marvel really did a number on her. Terrible history- she was in a coma, she was raped, and she overcame all of that to be one of the most respected heroes in the entire Marvel universe. She's the pinnacle of overcoming the odds.
  4. Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)
    Barbara was another woman who went through a lot. DC is pretty terrible with female heroes. They never have any personality. Female villains were always more flushed out. But Barbara had spunk. Her and Dick were my favorite couple- and Barbara hilariously was always smarter than Dick.
  5. Black Cat
    Yes, she may have been a Catwoman clone, but why Felicia Hardy over Selena Kyle? Selena was always a little more militant. A little colder. I felt like I couldn't trust Selena. Felicia was more playful, more carefree. She was jealous and petty and times, but she enjoyed life. She considered her powers a gift, she wasn't some egomaniac like Selena was.