I'm a hot mess
  1. The night before: break one of your roommates glass cups while you're washing the dishes. Make sure she is watching.
  2. Wake up and snooze. Just go crazy with the snoozing.
  3. Think you didn't snooze English? Go ahead. Snooze some more.
  4. Walk in and out of your room five times before you leave your apartment because you forgot something each time.
  5. Still end up forgetting something
  6. Actually get a seat on the train but only next to someone smelly and with no room to get up 🙃
  7. Awkwardly avoid eye contact with someone who was definitely sorta might've been your coworker six years ago from a job you left before you knew what a two weeks notice was 😟
  8. Get to work two minutes before you have to be there and see your boss at the elevator. 😩
  9. It's okay though your boss is cool 🤗
  10. Happy trails to your next list