But here's a list of the things I have to do 😔
  1. Buy groceries. But unfortunately I have a limit to how much I can spend lol ugh im so hungry...
  2. Buy a frying pan and a small pot. For the record, not that I was planning on partying anyway, but that's where the money is coming from. My "fun money". Buying a cryin (ha my phone autocorrected that to crying and I'm leaving it like that) pan is not fun.
  3. Go to ikea and bring back my curtain rods. IKEA is sooooo aggressive man. Idk if that's gonna happen.
  4. Go to the gym. I actually don't have a problem with this one because I can multitask as I..
  5. Work. I have to do work. When you work in PR this is what you sign up for. And I have to call people... Hmm I have to hurry up and buy a frying pan I'm getting hungry lol