First edition as well. A compelling (ha) recap of the night before and the morning that I post. #legeaux
  1. Trying to go to bed early and failing (this was my first mistake)
  2. Waking up at 12:23am, thinking it was 8:15am and furiously getting ready for work (while my sisters look at my and try to convince me it's just midnight)
  3. Checking my email randomly before 6am: Now this needs to stop. My work anxiety is always on 10 and I don't need to worry about getting a hi resolution logo before I have my morning coffee...also it's just a high res logo
  4. Snoozing like 5 times (Isn't this what I tried to avoid by going to bed early???)
  5. Wearing my booties (they have a heel) with no change of shoes. I'm sure I'll be fine but do I really wanna test this???
  6. Not writing that pitch that I told myself I was going to write tonight... This might actually be a problem lol