10 Games for the Holidays (Because Monopoly Sucks)

Updated 9/18/16.
  1. Knit Wit
    It's Scattergories with a knitting theme. Quick and fun with great looking components.
  2. Dream Home
    Surprisingly deep for a game about interior decorating.
  3. Survive: Escape from Atlantis
    Survive straddles the line between hobby and family game, making it great for less-the-nerdcore gatherings.
  4. Flick Em' Up
    This is good for multi generational family gatherings. Everyone can get on board with western gunfights.
  5. Imagine
    It's basically Pictionary with Emojis.
  6. 2 Rooms and a Boom
    Good for big parties.
  7. Secret Hitler
    Scratches the itch to talk politics without talking REAL politics.
  8. Drunk Quest
    For non-family gatherings.
  9. Risk Leagcy
    For smaller families that talk smack and want to start a tradition.
  10. Playtest Legacies
    For making memories without a lot of hassle.