10 Godlike Comic Books That Are Better Than Sex

  1. 100 Bullets
    What would you do if you received a briefcase with a gun and 100 bullets that, once retrieved from the target, acted as a get-out-of-jail-free card?
  2. Identity Disc
    It's Reservoir Dogs with super-criminals.
  3. Transmetropolitan
    Hunter S. Thompson in the future. Nuff said
  4. Daredevil: Echo
    This Daredevil arc isn't even about Daredevil. Echo, aka Maya Lopez, and her vision quest are the center of this story. Amazing artwork.
  5. Pax Romana
    The Catholic Church sends priests and soldiers back in time to kick-start Catholicism WAY before it was supposed to happen. Craziness ensues.
  6. Ultimate Fantastic Four
    The most bizarre regular series in Marvel's Ultimate line of comics.
  7. Supreme Power
    A reimagining of the Justice League as isolated, mentally disturbed, and otherwise imperfect. In other words, human.
  8. New X-Men
    The X-Men had been a mess of convoluted plots for over 10 years before Grant Morrison fixed it all. Partially inspired by the movies with the gonzo science fiction cranked up to 11.
  9. All-Star Superman
    One of the best examples of good minimalistic storytelling. This is the Superman that everyone knows and loves.
  10. Planetary
    A brilliant deconstruction of superhero and pulp adventure comics.