10 Print-and-Play Games for Cheap Bastards

Some of these games have retail versions, but all of them can be downloaded from Board Game Geek. Just supply tokens, and dice.
  1. Bibliogama
    A solo print-and-play game about book production in the Renaissance.
  2. Endless Nightmare
    A simple roll-and-risk dice game. Basically Nightmare on Elm Street with the serial numbers filed off. Solo play only, but even the advanced version only has two pages to print.
  3. Button Men
    A single-card dice rolling game featuring post-apocalypse warriors, death sport athletes, and other nonsense. You can even make your own homebrew characters with a card maker on Drive Thru Cards.
  4. Austerity
    Solo game. Try to save the economy of a nation under crushing austerity measures.
  5. Bloc by Bloc: the Insurrection Game
    Less Occupy Wall Street, more Arab Spring. This one includes some custom tokens, so the print-and-play isn't completely faithful, but the print version is out of print right now.
  6. Maquis
    A solo worker placement game of resisting the Reich in occupied France.
  7. Deep Space D-6
    A tiny dice/crew allocation game. It's Star Trek with the serial numbers filed off.
  8. The Herald
    A more abstract version of Deep Space D6.
  9. Utopia Engine
    A quest for a convenient magitech device that will stop Doomsday.
  10. Secret Hitler
    Werewolf with a push-your-luck element. The pnp version is technically a beta, but mostly identical to the retail version.