10 Ridiculously Expandable Games for Obsessive Completists

💯th list. These games are awful if you have game anxiety. Completists will buy every single expansion if they like the core game. This can get expensive. Then again, if the game gets played a lot, investing in one megagame might be the best strategy.
  1. Neuroshima Hex
    An abstract post-apocalyptic war game. Its 12 expansion brings the number of playable armies to 16.
  2. Smash Up
    Players take two decks of cards representing different factions. Then they combine them. This makes for Jedi teaming up with magical ponies, superheroes with transforming car robots, Steampunks with Bear Cavalry, and other such nonsense. Smash Up has eight expansions, with 46 different factions.
  3. GIPF Project
    A series of six abstract strategy games that can be combined. This makes for a very robust game.
  4. Legendary Encounters
    Legendary encounters is a series of cooperative card games. So far there are Alien, Predator, and Firefly versions, all of which can be easily combined. There are also Marvel and Big Trouble in Little China Legendary games, but these aren't so easy to integrate. That hasn't stopped crazy gamers from doing just that.
  5. Cosmic Encounter
    Star Trek meets Ben 10 meets Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Considered one of the greatest tabletop games of all time. Along with multiple ways to play the game, its (soon to be) six expansions bring the number of playable alien species up to 195.
  6. Quarriors
    It's a deck-building game, but with dice. With all five expansions, there are 343 dice. A dice nerd's heaven.
  7. Small World
    Game of Thrones meets The Hobbit. There are 15 expansions, but most of them are fairly small. All combined, there are 45 fantasy races and 58 different powers to play with.
  8. The Flux
    Flux is a meta role playing game that connects all of the other role-playing games in your collection. That makes it all one game, with every subgame acting as an expansion to The Flux.
  9. Flatpack
    Flatpack's integration of puzzles and mini games means almost any board game could act as an expansion.
  10. Chess...Sorta
    If you're the sort of psycho that likes to mash up their games, like I am, chess is an infinitely expandable game thanks to all of the chess variants on the market.