11 Board Games for History Nerds

Updated 4/16/17.
  1. The Flow of History
    A game of molding history and investing in the future. Good for people that want to fix the world with time travel.
  2. Freedom: the Underground Railroad
    I wish more game designers addressed unpleasant subjects.
  3. 13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis
    Cold War drama and chaos. Due out soon.
  4. Historia
    An abstract civilization building game. Covers the entirety of human history. Very meta.
  5. Tammany Hall
    Basically the political aspects of Gangs of New York. Politics is most definitely a business in this game.
  6. Maquis
    A solitaire print and play game set in World War 2. Play as French Resistance Fighters attempting to thwart the Nazi occupation.
  7. Space Race: the Card Game
    Relive and rewrite the race to dominate the stars. Due out next year.
  8. The Grizzled
    World War 1 trench warfare was hell.
  9. A Fire in the Lake
    Vietnam was also hell. And complicated. Goes in and out of print often.
  10. Black Orchestra
    Hitler was one lucky son of a bitch. Several attempts were made on his life by people in his own government. None of them succeeded. Can you do better? This game is due out next year.
  11. An Infamous Traffic
    A game about the the opium trade in China. Not sure when this is due for release.