12 Complicated Couples in Science Fiction

Relationships are doubly complicated when they're in space.
  1. John and Aeryn - Farscape
    The gold standard of complicated relationships.
  2. Inara and Mal - Firefly
    I'm sure there's a multitude of fanfic that show these two getting together.
  3. Apollo and Starbuck - Battlestar Galactica
  4. Leia and Han - Star Wars
    I guess a princess and a guy like him... No.
  5. Obi-Wan and Satine - The Clone Wars
    In a perfect world, the prequels would have been about Obi-wan's tragic love story.
  6. Dargo and Chiana - Farscape
    They had fantastic sex.
  7. Rick and Lisa - Robotech
    When they make Robotech movie, they should rewrite Minmei as Rick's side-thing.
  8. Vasquez and Drake - Aliens
    This one's debatable, but most fans agree that these two were probably fraternizing.
  9. Isabelle and Royce - Predators
    Sequel! Now!
  10. Scorpius and Sikozu -Farscape
    Yes, she betrayed him in the end, but there's probably an alternate universe where they lived happily ever after.
  11. Worf and Jadzia - Deep Space Nine
    What do you do when your wife dies, but not really? Just enough to matter.
  12. Spock and Urura - Star Trek
    Did Prime Spock find it fascinating?