12 Tabletop Games for Builders and Builders-at-Heart

*Updated 9/25/16.
  1. Castles of Mad King Ludwig*
    A castle building game. Castle building!
  2. Rattle, Battle, Grab the Loot
    A dice-rolling pirate game without the blood shed. Ships are customizable and expandable via an assortment of cargo holds, sails, cannons, and "sail punk" gadgets.
  3. Area 1851*
    Aliens land in the Old West. Town Tinkers complete to fuse alien technology to classic tools. A VERY random game. The rulebook needs some house-ruling.
  4. Blueprints
    A dice driven architecture game. Yahtzee with challenge and deception elements.
  5. Ugg-Tect
    Use caveman language and gestures to direct the construction of various structures with blocks. And if your team doesn't get it right, you can set then straight with the inflatable club.
  6. Heap
    Part of the Bodgers series of games. It's basically fantasy Junk Yard Wars meets Mad Max. With insane goblin mechanics.
  7. Almost Any Other Bodger Game
    Infernal Contraption, Zombies Keep Out, and Scrappers are all about building something dangerous and unsafe.
  8. Galaxy Trucker
    A space delivery game with hastily-built and badly designed spaceships of your own creation.
  9. Brikwars
    Do you have a lot of LEGOs and too much time on your hands? Then have I got a game for you.
  10. Goblins Inc.
    Galaxy Truckers meets Bodger Games meets Voltron.
  11. Steampunk Rally
    A racing game featuring real-life historical inventors. Racers draft components, build their machines, and make a mad dash to the finish line. And not necessarily in that order. Machines continuously take damage and are redesigned and rebuilt while they're still in the race!
  12. Junk Art
    Reverse Jenga with an artsy theme. Travel the world and build towers in a variety of challenge modes.