12 Tabletop Games for Science Lovers (One of Which is for Crazy People)

  1. Pandemic + In The Lab
    This expansion adds a more granular research component to curing diseases. This is hard, and next to impossible when playing solitaire.
  2. Tesla vs. Edison: War of Currents
    Famous inventors and business men out-research, out-commercialize, out-patent and out-influence each other in the war between AC and DC power.
  3. Schrödinger’s Cats
    A game of cat physicists betting on quantum state experiments. Basically Liar's Dice with cards.
  4. The New Science
    Famous scientists race to discover all the things and become the most influential scientist in history.
  5. Timeline: Inventions
    A simple game of determining the dates famous inventions were invented.
  6. Compounded
    Build chemical compounds by managing and trading elements and lab equipment. Without exploding.
  7. Einstein: His Amazing Life and Incomparable Science
    Each player plays Albert Einstein in a different era of his life. Players match tiles, representing ideas, to a shared "unifying theory" to score points. Unfortunately it might be stuck in Production Hell.
  8. Bios: Genesis (2nd Edition)
    In this game, you ARE an organic compound. The goal is to evolve into a higher life form and "win evolution". On Kickstarter now. Will integrate with a bunch of other second edition science games, making it all one big campaign.
  9. Planetarium
    Play natural forces after the Big Bang to create planets that can support life.
  10. Cytosis: a Cell Biology Game
    Worker placement game set inside a cell. Great, weird art design. Due out in August.
  11. Lab Wars
    Included for completion's sake, but it might be out of stock, or out of print, or something. The website is confusing. Anyway, players represent laboratories competing for resources by publishing papers, writing books, or winning Nobel prizes. Sabotage isn't unheard of.
  12. Requested by @Gola: High Frontier
    This is a REALLY crunchy game. But, if you have an entire day to kill, why not pretend to be Elon Musk and colonize space in the most realistic space board game ever? Pack a lunch. You have no idea what you're getting into.