13 RPGs Way Better Than Dungeons & Dragons

Updated 10/1/16.
  1. Misspent Youth
    Fight the power!
  2. Fiasco
    Basically the Coen Brothers RPG.
  3. Apocalypse World
    Mad Max with way more sex. The second edition currently in development.
  4. Flatpack
    A positive take on the post apocalypse. Features a mechanic that integrates puzzles and board games.
  5. Eclipse Phase: Transhumanity's Fate
    A rules-lite version of an amazing posthuman sci-fi game. If you've ever wanted to play a sentient octopus secret agent in space, this is your game.
  6. The Five
    A mash-up of Into The Badlands, The Warriors, and Afro Samurai, scored by Wu Tang Clan.
  7. The Cloud Dungeon
    Dungeons & Dragons for artsy people.
  8. Thunderbirds RPG
    An expansion that turns the Thunderbirds board game into a tabletop roleplaying game.
  9. Chronicles of Darkness + Mirrors
    A game of sexy, modern vampires, werewolves, mages, and other monsters. The Mirrors supplement makes it easier to change and strip out rules.
  10. Gamma World
    The apocalypse is started when the Large Hadron Collider accidentally stacks all possible universes on top of each other. Uses a stripped down version of the D&D system with collectable cards for power stunts and alien tech.
  11. Valiant Universe
    Best superhero game currently in print. Rules-lite and GM optional.
  12. Dread
    Horror game. Uses Jenga to determine when your character dies.
  13. Our Last Best Hope
    Reenact Armageddon, Sunshine, and other save-the-world movies.