14 Games for Bilderberg Group Members

For the 1%er who dreams of having more. Plus, you could put all these games on one big table to help plan your hostile takeover of the world.
  1. Monopoly City
    What's the fun of owning property if you can't build monuments to yourself on it?
  2. Monopoly: Get Out of Jail Mini Game
    An expansion for almost any version of Monopoly. Instead of waiting to roll doubles you can choose to try to break out of jail. This simulates being able to buy a well-connected lawyer.
  3. Monopoly: Free Parking Mini Game
    Another Monopoly expansion. Now free parking actually does something.
  4. Ground Floor
    Basically SimSkyscraper: the board game. Pretend to build a quaint office building, like Trump Tower!
  5. Statecraft: the Political Card Game
    The perfect tool for a/b testing communism, European socialism, democracy, oligarchy, Etc. Still in development but there is a print-and-play beta test version.
  6. Tomorrow
    Overpopulation is not a problem. Nothing some planned die-offs can't solve.
  7. CO2
    Climate change was never a real problem. We were going to get around to it eventually.
  8. Power Grid Deluxe
    More power!
  9. Jet Set: the Destination Game
    The game of establishing Airline routes. The perfect gift for someone who's founded their own airline.
  10. Austerity
    Once again we have to save those dirty socialists from themselves.
  11. Spheres of Influence
    Risk for World Economic Forum attendees.
  12. Supremacy 2020
    Risk for defense analysts and Stratfor employees. Also, it's priced out of the reach of lesser people.
  13. The Networks
    Distract the 99% for fun and profit. Also, Roger Ailes was framed.
  14. Castles of Mad King Ludwig
    To be a member in good standing you, have to at least WANT a castle.