14 Global Insights From a Board Gaming News Junkie

This is the real world stuff I think about while playing board games. Specifically Austerity, CO2, Pandemic, and Suburbia (and kinda Rampage).
  1. We're Heading to a Post-Employment World
    Companies are offshoreing or automating everything. When the factories return, jobs won't come with them.
  2. Lobbying is Disgustingly Cost Effective
    When companies dangle the promise of bringing money to an economy, governments are way too quick to sweeten the deal.
  3. I Should Be In Charge of Everything
    I stopped and reversed global warming. All by my self. Sure, it was in a board game, but still.
  4. It's Hard to Destroy Western Civilization
    I tried to purposefully destroy Western civilization by stacking the infection deck to target English speaking cities first, AND made the the Blue disease virulent. I cured everything just in time.
  5. Global Triage is Brutal
    If you can cure the diseases before too many outbreaks happen, you'll be fine. Who cares how many people die waiting? Sacrifice thousands to save millions. Right?
  6. Home Owners' Associations Are Run By Nazis
    Why bother buying a house if you can't park your boat in front of it, or paint it neon green?
  7. Robots Are Inevitable
    I often lose against the robot in Power Grid. It's predictable, but it's relentless. It's like tennis. It doesn't try to win, it just waits for you to lose.
  8. Robot Don't Care About the Environment
    Artificial intelligence will be like cognizant businesses. They only have one goal: profit. Environmental collateral damage is irrelevant.
  9. When We Automate Everything, What Will We Do With Ourselves?
    We have to figure out what a post-work world will look like. Fast.
  10. The Olympics is a Shit Show
    And it'll become very apparent when it's all over.
  11. Rio's Light Rail is "For the English"
    Not only is it two years late (it was supposed to be done in time for the World Cup), but it mostly serves the nicer areas where the hotels and the stadiums are. Poor folks that need more public transit won't get much use out of it.
  12. Brazilians Won't Benefit Much from the Olympics
    And they know it. The protests are getting only minimal coverage, but they're happening.
  13. Big Sports Events Aren't Worth It
    Soon, only developing countries will hold them, and only because they're desperate for the cash. Which only a select few will make.
  14. I Should Build a Strategy Room for the United Nations
    I could design a utopia!