14 Takeaways from the Commander-and-Chief Forum

Note that Trump had more takeaways than Clinton. This is because Clinton gave longer-winded answers, while Trump answered questions as fast as the host and vets could ask them.
  1. Clinton Owns Her E-mail Mistakes...But Held Fast to Her Claims That the Emails Weren't Marked as Classified
  2. Clinton Doesn't Trust Iran
  3. Clinton Want's to Make Sure the VA Isn't Privatized
  4. Clinton Said We Are NOT Going to Commit Ground Troops to Beat ISIS
  5. Clinton Want's An "Intelligence Surge"
    This includes online surveillance.
  6. Clinton Supports "No-Fly, No-Buy" Gun Control.
  7. Trump Says His Experience As a International Business Leader Makes Him Qualified to Lead Our Military
  8. Trump Says He Can Tone Down His Speech When He Is President
  9. Trump Wants to "Take the Oil"
    Meaning we should trade oil for protection or military support.
  10. Trump Didnt Learn Anything New From His Recent Briefings
    But also says analysts claimed Obama didn't follow their recommendations.
  11. Trump Says Undocumented Service People Could Be An Exception to Deportation
  12. Trump Wants to Get Along with Putin and Xi Jinping
  13. Trump's VA Plan is On His Website
  14. Trump Says He's Not a Newb
    He said he's followed and studied world events for years.