16 Design Inspirations for a Global Strategy Room

This would be invaluable to large projects, like the Sustainable Development Goals, and large companies, like Disney and Google.
  1. Churchill War Rooms
    The strategic hub of Britain's war efforts during WWII.
  2. Design War Rooms
    Google's is probably the most notable example.
  3. Hans Rosling's Physical Infographics
    Rosling is infamous for his over-the-top data dumps.
  4. A repository for ludic disaster simulations.
  5. Social Media Command Centers
    FedEx and most major league sports have these now.
  6. Table Top Military and Disaster Exercises (aka Sand Tables)
    Yes, the military still uses table top war games.
  7. NetWars: CyberCity
    Cyber security training tool. Hackers hack into a real computer network to take over an interactive physical model. They can turn off power, steal hospital records or highjack military vehicles.
  8. Project Cybersyn*
    This was Chile's prototype analysis and decision room.
  9. Business Origami
    Planning method using paper models on a table.
  10. GM's LEGO Visual Management Tool
    Used for data analysis and resource allocation planning.
  11. Mississippi Basin Model
    A massive model, 200 acres big, was used to simulate and predict flooding patterns of the Mississippi River.
  12. US Army Engineer Research and Development Center
    Basically the next generation of the Mississippi Basin Model. In many cases, physical models are still more useful than computer models
  13. Data Cuisine
    Taste, texture and temperature add new ways to communicate information.
  14. Object Doodles
    Data can be made more interesting to look at.
  15. Tableau
    A strategy room allows you to step inside visualizations.
  16. Psychoeconomy War Room Table
    Tableau meets Nintendo's Amiibo.
  17. Casino Tables
    The feel of gambling tables and components keeps players engaged, and the information on the tables convey most or all of each game's rules without a manual.