4 Games About Dreams to Help You Occasionally Escape the Next 4 Years

I don't normally recommend escapism as a coping mechanism, but it's better than drinking yourself into a coma. Note that all of these are either solitaire only or have a solitaire option.
  1. Onirim
    Find 8 doors to escape a maze within the dreamscape. The mechanics are simple, the art is gorgeous, and the box includes 7 expansions witch add more dimensions to the game. It's the first of a series of 5 games in the Oniverse.
  2. Project Dreamscape
    A set collection game. Each card is actually two sub-cards, each with its own special action. Cards are chained together to score points. The dreamer with the most points wins.
  3. Endless Nightmare
    An impossible-to-win print-and-play game that puts the player in the role of a dreamer being hunted through multiple nightmare scenarios. You can't win. The point is to simply survive as long as possible.
  4. Nightlight
    Stuffed animals defend sleeping children from nightmares-made-real: clowns, creepy crawlies, and the dark itself. The artwork is both cute and creepy, and the theme itself is just the right kind of messed-up.