44 Things I Love About Star Wars

May the 4th be with you.
  1. Rey's Theme
  2. The Imperial March
  3. The Imperial Parade March
    The in-universe super-happy version.
  4. Darth Vader Finding One's Lack of Faith Disturbing
  5. Darth Vader Promoting Piett
  6. Darth Vader Slaughtering Rebels
  7. Leia Saving Everyone's Skins
  8. Leia Negotiating
  9. Han Shooting First
  10. Han Explaining the Force to Finn
  11. Obi-Wan's Final Fight with Maul
  12. Obi-Wan And Satine
  13. Chirrut Being One with the Force
  14. Cassian Doing What Was Necessary
  15. Lightsabers
  16. Lightsabers Added to Real Life
  17. The Clones
  18. The Clones Taking No More Shit from General Krell
  19. The Bad Batch
  20. The Imperial Knights
    From Star Wars Legacy
  21. Sabine's Tagged TIE Fighter
  22. Sabine's Graffiti
  23. Thrawn's Art Appreciation
  24. Dejarik
  25. Sabbac
  26. Mandalorians
  27. Riot Troopers
  28. TIE Bombers
  29. "Ugly" Starfighters
  30. AT-ATs
  31. Star Wars Fan Art
  32. Mashup Fanart
  33. Mashup Cosplay
  34. The Original Star Wars RPG
  35. Star Wars Ported to a Rules-Lite RPG
  36. Star Wars Miniatures
    The WOTC edition.
  37. Star Wars Miniatures: Starship Battles
  38. Star Wars References in Marvel Movies
  39. Star Wars References in Pocket Princesses
  40. Star Wars References in Farscape
  41. The Battle of Hoth
  42. The Battle of Scarif
  43. The Battle of Endor
  44. Daniel Craig as a Random Stormtrooper