5 Board Games for Silicon Valley Types

These aren't board games turned into apps. These are board games that use apps. Some gamers have called this the end times. Some work. Some don't. Some are optional. Updated 10/2/16.
  1. XCOM: the Board Game
    Probably the first game to necessitate the use of an app. Essentially, the app does everything that could have been done with random event cards. Without it, the game would have needed a lot of random event cards. And a sand timer. And maybe a Gamemaster. 👍
  2. World of Yoho
    This one is iffy. Each player uses their phone to represent their privateer or pirate ship. There are no event cards or tokens, azavea applications, which are all connected, take care of much of the mechanics. You move by moving your phone around the board. Technically sound, but most players find it boring without the other components.
  3. Mansion of Madness 2nd edition
    The newest version of this Cthulhu mystery game uses as an app to manage encounters and rules. You can even use the app with the first edition of the game. But the app is necessary for this new version. This game is a bit on the long side.
  4. Mask of Anubis
    This one uses the Google cardboard virtual reality app. Players look through the eyes of their playing piece on the board because of some contrived reason to involve VR into board gaming.
  5. Rising 5: Runes of Asteros
    Guardians of the Galaxy meets The DaVinci Code. This is an adventure / deduction game. Find the right combination of collected runes and you win. The app is optional, but without it you need a game master to run the game the app is optional, but without it you need a game master to run the game. Due out at the end of the year.