5 Board Games I Took WAY Too Seriously and Wrote Politically Charged Essays About

Actually only four are politically charged.
  1. America (First), Fuck Yeah! Cardboard Conjecture  (Thunderbirds)
    Trump would hate a real-life International Rescue. https://medium.com/@StrangeGames/america-first-fuck-yeah-ce2a4e064ba7
  2. I Built A Wall, but the Zombies Wouldn’t Pay For It (Zombies, Keep Out)
    Maybe Trump imagined his great wall looking like the one in the Matt Damon movie. https://medium.com/@StrangeGames/i-built-a-wall-but-the-zombies-wouldnt-pay-for-it-63e4f0c53678
  3. We Don’t Need No Infrastructure (The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire)
    Conservatives think they can make something from nothing. Like God. https://medium.com/@StrangeGames/we-dont-need-no-infrastructure-a210a291ab89
  4. Oligarchy and the Art of Cock-Blocking (Mint Works)
  5. Y’all Motherfuckers Need Shakespeare (Shakespeare)