6 Godlike Moments of BattleBots Season 2

  1. Hypershock Takes Out a Drone... With a Rake
    It's not often that a ground-based bot can take out a drone. In fact it never happens. But this time it did. Hypershock replaced one of its arms with a rake and swatted Warrior Clan's drone out of the sky.
  2. Witch Doctor Bleeds Battery Acid
    Witch Doctor and Red Devil were evenly matched. So it was surprising to watch Red Devil cut through Witch Doctor's top armor... and the battery. The fight ended with Witch Doctor upside down and spilling battery acid everywhere
  3. Chomp Chomps the Champ
    In the first few seconds of their fight, Chomp landed a precision blow on last season's champion, disabling Bite Force's main weapon.
  4. Minotaur Decapitates Warhead
    Minotaur literally took Warhead's head clean off.
  5. Complete Control Roasts Bombshell
    Grabber bots normally don't get perfect grips on their opponent. Complete control managed to lift Bombshell perfectly, then torch him thoroughly.
  6. Tombstone Flips the Script on BETA.
    Suggested by @robbiebaird47. BETA's robo-judo is strong, and allowed him to defeat Nightmare in the previous match WITHOUT its main weapon working. The same thing almost happened to Tombstone, but when BETA flipped him, he put Tombstone's weapon at the perfect height to break BETA's hammer and knock him out.