6 Mashed-Up and Remixed Board Games for WAY Too Serious Gamers

I dislike it when games don't come with variant rules. Rulebooks are just suggestions and should be changed or ignored whenever possible. I used to meticulously write down the rules to all my hacks, but now I just make a few bulleted notes to combine them. Common sense (or TieBreaker) is usually enough to resolve conflicts. Usually.
  1. Shurro + Rogue Chess = ROGUE SHURRO
    This is two chess variants stacked one on top of another. Shuuro is played on a larger board and has variable armies. Rogue Chess uses a deck of cards to let players take alternate moves with standard pieces.
  2. Risk + Space Cadets = WEIRD WAR I
    Space Cadets' Jump Cards are claimed by rolling certain combinations of dice during a battle, and they let you change certain combinations of dice, just like in Space Cadets. To encourage aggression, only attacking players can claim or use the cards. All cards are at the side of the board and claimable throughout the game. Players play Jump Cards after all battle dice are rolled but before armies are destroyed. Cards are claimed at the end of each battle if the right dice combo is showing.
  3. Knightmare Chess + Proteus + Tile Chess = A BAD DREAM
    A mashup of all of Steve Jackson's chess variants. I'll admit, this can get confusing. On your turn, you either take a Proteus turn, or Tile Chess turn. In either case you can use an appropriate Knightmare Chess card or take a normal move for that game. Tiles make up the board for Proteus. If a tile is captured, so is the Proteus die, regardless of who owns it. Winning Tile Chess gives that player full control of the board, but Proteus determines overall victory.
  4. Power Grid + The Robots Expansion - 1 Meat Player = ROBO GRID (AKA ROBOTS ARE COMING FOR OUR JOBS AND POWER)
    It's a beast trying to get someone to play Power Grid with me. However, there's an expansion that let's 2 players play against an automated opponent. The fact is you don't need the other meat player. The robot is an adequate opponent. Especially when you're not very good at Power Grid.
  5. Kootikooti + 1000 Blank White Cards + Stikfas + Little Wars = STIKBASH
    I've been tinkering with this monstrosity for the better part of a decade. What's funny is I rarely play it. Still, it's so removed from its component games that it's taken on a life of its own. It's insane and I love it. The rules are on my website.
  6. Terror in Meeple City + Bottle Cap Throttle = MOTORS & MONSTERS
    I was going to add giant robots, but I didn't have any mech meeples. So, I reimagined the emergency vehicles as an anti-monster response team controlled by one player. This isn't so much a mash-up as being inspired by another game. The response team player takes two actions. They can move one of the cars by flicking it, or use a special ability. Abilities are from the Runaway Meeple mat, and now triggered by "spending" meeples, which represent generic "human resources". Still a work in progress.