7 Abstract Games for Wannabe Bond Villains

  1. Tao Long: The way of the Dragon
    Mancala meets RoboRally.
  2. Hive Carbon
    Classic Hive is far too colorful for a classy villain. A simple but challenging abstract game with amazing components.
  3. Go
    It's been said that the United States lost Vietnam because we were playing chess while they were playing Go.
  4. GIPF Project
    An integrated system of rearrangeable and combinable abstract games.
  5. Tak
    Tic-tac-toe dialed up to 11.
  6. Regimental Chess
    Chess is too small scale for a proper Mastermind. Think bigger!
  7. The Duke
    A tile laying game. Nice wooden pieces with movement instructions baked into them.