7 Beautiful and Simple Board Games for Your Fancy Coffee Table

Updated 9/16/16.
  1. Celestia
    This one's not so much beautiful as it is really pleasant looking.
  2. Tsuro
    An almost zen-like game of plotting a path that keeps you on the board the longest.
  3. Jenga - Onxy Edition
    This was a limited edition game available through Barnes and Noble. It can usually be found on Amazon, buy at a premium price.
  4. Tokaido Deluxe
    A disgustingly beautiful game about having the most pleasant trip possible across Japan.
  5. The Duke
    A Chess-like abstract game featuring two-sided pieces with different moves on each side.
  6. Iconica
    A stylized fantasy card and dice game.
  7. Onitama
    Chess-like game with variable maneuvers that change each time you play.