7 Board Games You'd Want if You Were Elon Musk 🚀

Watch The Martian on DVD, crank up the Disco, and break out one of these games. If you play these games enough times, you can plan a better mission than the Mars One people. Most of them are still in production but due out this year.
  1. Terraforming Mars
    One of the several games inspired by The Martian. Each player takes the role of a corporation mining and transforming Mars.
  2. First martians: Adventures on the Red Planet
    The Martian was very popular among board gamers. This game is still in development hell but it's been said that you use an app to play it, like X-Com: The Board Game.
  3. Mission to Mars 2049
    This one is played on a planetary scale. Each player is a colony racing to claim the polar ice cap, which is the biggest water deposit.
  4. Martians: A Story of Civilization
    Yet another love letter to The Martian. This one is a more personal worker placement game. Each player represents a single Martian colonist. Can be played co-op or competitively.
  5. Leaving Earth
    Of course, to get to Mars, you need a space program. Leaving Earth is all about... leaving earth.
  6. High Frontier 3rd Edition
    But why stop at Mars? Especially if you have 3 hours to kill.
  7. Kanban
    It's like a gigafactory simulator.