7 Steampunk Games Hollywood Should Turn Into Movies

Hollywood has yet to produce an honest-to-God steampunk movie. Some films have had steampunk elements, like Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes, but no studio has gone all-in yet. Updated 4/27/17.
  1. Steampunk Rally
    Steampunk grand prix racing. Inventors build their machines and dash for the finish line.
  2. Dogs of War
    Mercenary armies fight for warring nobels houses in a steampunk version of Renaissance Italy.
  3. Steam Time
    Wild Wild West meets Back to the Future. Bam! Box office gold.
  4. Heavy Steam
    Steam-powdered mech combat. 'Nuff said.
  5. Skyway Robbery
    The Score meets The Love Boat: The Movie.
  6. City of Iron 2nd Edition
    This is steampunk reimagined by Walt Disney.
  7. Rivet Wars
    All Quiet on the Western Front meets Sucker Punch, with the cuteness cranked up to 11.