7 Tabletop Games for Emergency Management Professionals

Some tabletop games make good primers, light and abstract simulations, or basic planning tools. For organizations that can't afford large sand table exercises or "serious" wargames, these could be the next best thing. Just change the rules to better represent reality, or ignore the game and just use the components to plan responses and processes.
  1. Flash Point
    A Fire Rescue game. Abstract but not terribly inaccurate.
  2. Quarantine
    If you cut out the competing-hospitals bit, it can represent intake complications as well as the hassles of dealing with communicable illnesses inside a hospital.
  3. AFTERSHOCK: A Humanitarian Crisis Game
    Aftershock is an earthquake response simulation. Very crunchy and in-depth. Created by the editor of PaxSims.org.
  4. Pandemic
    Although highly abstracted, it stimulates a lot of the variables if epidemics. Infection rates, the danger of outbreaks, the use of quarantines, and animal-to-human transmission, to name a few.
  5. Kanban
    Automotive manufacturing may not be a component of Emergency Management, but getting your head around the manufacturing process can always be beneficial.
  6. Austerity
    National austerity measures can lead to a lot of problems. Namely, protests. Speaking of which...
  7. Bloc by Bloc: the Insurrection Game
    This one is iffy, but large-scale protests can get ugly. The game paints the protesters as the good guys, but it does give a high level view of how protests and riots can get out of hand. Due out in November.