8 Reasons You Should Play More Board Games

  1. They're Not Just For Kids and Nerds
    There are games for any number of players, at any length, and at any level of complexity.
  2. They're Not Boring
    Play Escape: Curse of the Temple, then tell me you were bored.
  3. Smack Talk is Necessary for Civilization
    Cursing at an opponent over headset isn't nearly as satisfying as throwing shade across a table.
  4. We're In a Golden Age of Game Design
    Game design is having a renaissance. Games aren't just fun. They can also be beautiful objects.
  5. They Make You Smarter
    All that dice rolling and card drawing sharpens your understanding of probability.
  6. They Give You Insight
    Some tabletop games make great primers on their their subjects. Monopoly makes you think about inequality. Power Grid makes you think about where energy comes from. Tomorrow makes you think about nuclear proliferation. And so on.
  7. Two Words: Game Cafés
    You don't even have to buy games you're not sure about. A lot of major cities have board game cafes now.
  8. There Is a Game In Existence for Anyone and Everyone
    That includes you.