8 Tabletop Games for Cyberpunk Fans

I love me some cyberpunk, and these games are the best in the genre. Updated 9/12/16.
  1. Spector Ops
    Hidden move deduction board game. One player plays an agent that records their movements are a worksheet while Hunter search for them.
  2. Android: Mainframe
    Lightly themed abstract game. Set in the same universe as Android: Netrunner.
  3. Shadowrun: Crossfire
    A legacy deck building game. Set the the Shadowrun RPGs universe.
  4. Encounters: Shadowrun
    A push your luck style dice game. Similar to Crossfire, but it's dice-centric and you control an entire team of Runners on each mission. Still in development.
  5. Grifters
    Blade Runner reimagined by Guy Ritchie.
  6. Arcade
    The unofficial Tron board game. The components are amazing.
  7. The Resistance
    Hidden role game. Rebels trying to bring down a corrupt government without being sabotaged by undercover agents.
  8. Bionic
    A Solo print and play game. Choose Your Own Adventure style mash-up of Deus Ex, Blade Runner, and a few other cyberpunk tropes.