8 Tabletop Games for WWII Buffs

Updated 4/11/17.
  1. Final Act
    The unofficial Patton vs. Romel game.
  2. Heroes of Normandie
    Inspired by modern war movies like Fury and Saving Private Ryan. Billed as a miniature game without miniatures.
  3. D-Day Dice
    A solitaire push-your-lick dice game representing the D Day invasion.
  4. Sergeants Miniatures Game
    A card driven miniature wargame featuring pop-up card terrain. Not to be confused with Sergeants: D-Day, a not-quite compatible board game. Multiple expansions are available, including a series of tank and vehicle add-ons.
  5. Memoir '44
    Built around the Command and Colors system. Cards determine what you can and can't do each turn. Well known but not necessarily well received. Tons of expansions available that add options and variety.
  6. War Stories
    Two versions available: Liberty Road and Red Storm. Block wargame with a streamlined card-based system. That system relies a lot on players' common sense, which is horrid for hardcore wargamers. It's meant to represent glorious memories, not realistic events.
  7. Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition
    Considered the most complete version of the game. Essentially Risk with multiple troop types.
  8. Night Witches
    A pen and paper RPG. you play a member of an all female Russian bomber squadron. Uses the Apocalypse Engine and focuses on character relationships as much as combat.