9 Board Games for People With Big Tables and Deep Pockets

Not to mention lots of free time.
  1. Cthulhu Wars
    Call of Cthulhu meets Risk. Features absolutely enormous figurines and a beautiful board. If this sounds fun and you have $200 to blow, get it.
  2. The Gallerist
    It's fitting that a game about buying and selling art is neither small nor cheap.
  3. Captain Sonar
    It's team battleship in real time. Not pricey, but it takes a LOT of table space.
  4. Tokaido: Deluxe Edition
    This game practically doubles as decoration for a fancy apartment.
  5. High Frontier: 3rd Edition
    A game so big, the board easily fits the entire solar system.
  6. Supremacy 2020
    A remake of an infamous wargame from the 90s. The most complete geopolitical wargame on the market. It's big, long, and will spend all your money.
  7. Scythe
    One of the most hyped board games of 2016. A farming and conquest game with steampunk mechs.
  8. Twilight Imperium
    This game is Infamous. It's been said you could kill a man with the box.
  9. Xia: Legends of a Drift System
    Like Firefly, but less Western. The miniatures are what make the game pricey.
  10. Kingdom Death: Monster
    The base game is $100. With all the expansions, it'll set you back about $400. It's huge and takes forever to complete.