Basic Things I Hate and Why I Hate Them

  1. Marketing Hipsters
    Companies who hire these idiots deserve whatever stupid brand they end up with.
  2. 50s Nostalgia
    Not the actual music, but the rose-tinted delusion of the decade.
  3. Trailer Reaction Videos
    There is nothing more awkward and contrived.
  4. Male-Sung Country Western Ballads
    Just bad music. Basic as hell. I'm looking at you, "Play It Again" by Luke Bryan.
  5. Those Annoying Husbands From the Time Warner Commercials
    All of them. They should be busy obsessively worrying about providing for their families instead of fawning over their damn cable service.
  6. Real Estate Guys Who Own Nightclubs
    They are cheap and creepy and unimaginative.
  7. Almost Everything on The CW
    Everything looks like the same show.
  8. Almost All Mainstream Music About Good Times, Partying, Revolution, or Music Itself
    Cringe inducing. I'm embarrassed for the artist.
  9. Burning Man
    The subculture that's 99% tourists.