Chess Variants for the Clinically Insane

Because you can never take chess variants too far.
  1. Knightmare Chess
    Chess meets Magic: the Gathering. Move a piece, then play a card that changes a rule or allows a special ability. One of my favorite games of all time.
  2. Tile Chess
    The chess pieces are the board spaces.
  3. Proteus
    Dice that mutate from one piece to another.
  4. Rogue Chess
    Cards let pieces do special moves.
  5. King Down
    Total re-imagining of chess.
  6. Obstruction Chess
    Chess with force fields. Actually pretty shitty pieces. Use the rules and proxy the obstructions.
  7. Shuuro
    Build your army wargame style. Take the field with a traditional army, 14 pawns and a queen, or something equally ludicrous. The expansion, Toranga, adds two more players.
  8. Loka
    An even more ludicrous version of Shuuro that adds random successes and traps.
  9. Musketeer Chess
    A series of 10 new chess pieces and rules to play with them. The most "normal" variant on the list.
  10. PlunderChess
    If you capture a piece, you get its move.
  11. Regimental Chess
    Multi-board chess. Pieces are grouped into units that move and attack together
  12. Rooked!
    An out-of-print print-on-demand card deck. Apparently, the designer put it on Game Crafter with a major misprint (one card front is actually the card back from another game), then disappeared.
  13. Bonus: MetaCheckers
    A checkers variant with chess-like special moves.