Games About Cosmic Forces, Nature, and Balance for Would-Be GODS

  1. Planetarium
    It's basically about what came after the Big Bang.
  2. Bios: Genesis
    Direct organic compounds to produce life.
  3. Evolution
    What the box says.
  4. Petrichor
    You play a cloud. This may be the most pleasant game ever. On Kickstarter now.
  5. Microscope
    A world building role-playing game.
  6. Einstein
    This one's an edge case. I'm including it because it's about building ideas and thoughts.
  7. Overseers
    A drafting/bluffing game of vice and virtue. Basically Hearts between spirits fighting for control of man's soul.
  8. Cosmic Balance
    Angels and devils duke it out in an area control card game. Balance is important because the board includes a seesaw to determine when one side has gone too far. Due out later this year.