Games for Artsy People

Updated 4/28/17.
  1. Starving Artists
    This is actually a survival game. If you fail to complete and sell paintings, you die! And there's no option to sell out and become a graphic designer. Also features well-known works of art.
  2. Modern Art
    Suggested by @medesigntoo. A game of art collecting. This is a remake of a game called Master's Gallery...which is a remake of the ORIGINAL Modern Art.
  3. Fresco
    It's a game of professional art-ing. The new edition includes a bunch of optional expansions.
  4. The Cloud Dungeon
    A DIY Dungeons & Dragons. Draw and color your hero in a one session dungeon crawl.
  5. Ex-Spelled
    Same as Cloud Dungeon, except this one is about attending a shitty version of Hogwarts.
  6. Shakespeare
    Put on the best play with the money, actors, and stagehands at your disposal.
  7. 1000 Blank White Cards
    The DIY card game. 1KBWC is typically strange and outlandish. A wonderland for artists.
  8. The Gallerist: the Art of Strategy
    Manage and promote your art gallery and draw more patrons than your rivals.
  9. Doodle Dice Monsters
    Draw your monster minions and assign dice to their to their abilities.
  10. Brikwars
    The unofficial Lego wargame. Build flying pirate ships or tanks that fire laser-guided sharks or whatever.
  11. Shannanagans: The Musical
    Hidden role game. Find and expose the "artiste" in the the orchestra. Still in development.
  12. A Fake Artist Goes to New York
    It's Telestrations meets Werewolf. Also, any game with dry erase boards will get artsified with the right people..