Games for People With Mad Ninja Skills

All of these games require a certain amount of hand-eye coordination.
  1. Junk Art
    Build the tallest tower with disparate abstract pieces. Multiple game modes and variants.
  2. Oss
    Jacks with a challenge mode and a tribal theme.
  3. Loony Quest
    This one is a line drawing game. Players must draw on a blank piece of acetate while looking at a map in the center of the board. When they're done, they match their line against the obstacles on the map which determines how many points they scored.
  4. Wonky
    Build a tower with cubes that aren't quite right.
  5. Jenga
    It's Jenga.
  6. Catacombs
    A dungeon crawler game. One dungeon master vs multiple heroes. Flick you warrior dude to slay monsters. Great cartoon-y artwork.
  7. Flick 'Em Up
    Another flicking game. Wild West shootout. This time you flick a separate smaller disk to shoot. Expansions include rifles, horses, and not-at-all offensive native warriors.
  8. Kettou
    A samurai duelling game. Attack options are laid out in front of the players. Whoever touches a card first launches that attack, so it's a race to to decide on a strategy, then execute it.
  9. Light & Dark
    Baby's first disk flicking game.
  10. Stellar Conflict
    A real-time, tile placement game. Tiles represent spaceships, shooting in various directions. At the end of the round, rubber bands are used to determine who hit who.
  11. Terror in Meeple City
    Yet another flicking game. Kaiju-on-Kaiju action. Monsters compete to destroy buildings, eat the most meeples, and beat each other up.
  12. Pitch Car
    A simple game of flicking stock car racing.
  13. Pingo Pingo
    Slapjack with a dart gun and a soundtrack.