Games for Shameless Political Junkies Like Me

A LOT of political games came out last year. Here are the best ones, along with some good older games.
  1. Statecraft: the Political Card Game
    Probably the most overarching game on the list. Due for release later this month.
  2. Super PACS
    More about political finance than voting.
  3. Democracy: Majority Rules
    Designed by an American expat living in Georgia.
  4. Elections of the US America Election: The Card Game
    A slightly dumb but relevant card game. Rhetoric is more relevant than policies.
  5. Tammany Hall
    I avoided historical games, but this is an exception. The real Tammany Hall was ground zero for the philosophy that government was a business.
  6. 1960: The Making of the President
    Redo the Kennedy/Nixon race. Out of print but available at a premium.
  7. Campaign Manager 2008
    Redo the Obama/McCain race.
  8. Game Election
    The game that turns game night into a political contest. How meta.