Games with Nerdtastic Dice

  1. Roll for the Galaxy
    Spacy dice.
  2. Fuse: Flatline
    Medical dice. The game is ER meets yahtzee.
  3. Quarriors
    The first "dice building" game. Basically Pokemon meets craps.
  4. Manhattan Project: Energy Empire
    Each die represents a different kind of power plant.
  5. Rattlebones
    A roll-and-move game featuring dice with swappable faces.
  6. TIME Stories
    Nice wooden dice.
  7. Dice Forge
    Like Rattlebones with better art.
  8. Too Many Bones
    Fantasy adventure game. Great components, but the theme has been done to death.
  9. Blank White Dice
    This would have been a great game if the symbols didn't smear every time you rolled the dice.
  10. PolyHero Dice
    Dice in the shape of typical D&D weapons and armor. NERDS!
  11. Star Wars RPG
    Excellent dice. Crap game. I use them for porting Star Wars over to Risus.
  12. Tiny Epic Galaxies
    I love the small of sci-fi iconography in the morning.
  13. Space Cadets: Dice Duel
    Everything is dice.
  14. D6 Shooter
    A simple press-your-luck dice game with a poker motif.
  15. Deep Space D6
    It CAN be played with regular d6s, but the printed version has much better dice. Might be out of print, but the 2nd edition is in the works.
  16. Dice Age
    One of the most infamous Kickstarter flops. Meant to be dice equivalent of Magic: the Gathering, but I just used them to remixed my other games. They made their funding goal by a wide margin, but burned through it all between shifty manufacturers in China and trying make them by hand. Some backers got their dice before the creator walked away from the whole thing.
  17. Proteus
    Chess with dice. Sadly out of print. Of course, I have a copy.