How I'd Reboot "The Transformers"

Updated 6/23/17.
  1. Functionalism Causes the War
    A philosophy that basically says function equals destiny takes hold, locking more cybertronians into a caste system based on the Grand Cybertronian Taxonomy. While not officially recognized, leaders take advantage of their status as Intellectuals and press other models into manual labor, military and custodial jobs.
  2. Transhumanism vs Posthumanism
    The other division that causes the war is how "human" they should be. Autobots tend to except that change is gradual. Decepticons embrace an immediate posthuman existence now.
  3. Disguise and Fluidity Play a Bigger Roles
    Some Cybertronians take "More Than Meets the Eye" to heart and make this philosophy of shapeshifting and deception a counter to Functionalism.
  4. Less Action Movie, More The Troubles in Ireland
    The Decepticons aren't fanatics. But they are desperate.
  5. Optimus Prime is Kind of a Communist
    While probably the kindest, gentlest communist ever, he overreacts to Functionalism and overcorrects. He's determined to right all of Cybertron's wrongs with pure authority, and with the business end of a gun of necessary.
  6. Megatron is Tyler Durdan meets Spaticus
    Going with Megatron's new comic book origin. He's a revolutionary, but he's also angry at everything.
  7. Starscream's Plot to Oust Megatron is More Carefully Planned
    Because we've seen how well that's gone for him in the past.
  8. Sub-Factions Are Practically Independent
    And sometimes leave or even switch sides, meaning Aerialbots could be on the Decepticons's side, and Insecticons could be completely neutral.
  9. Most Aliens are Near-Human or Post-Human
    It's like this. The human form is fairly adaptable, especially for tool-users, which all sapient species are. Eventually most species begin augmenting themselves. Most of those become fully mechanical.
  10. Some Species Embrace Genetic Re-egineering
    These civilizations reprogram their genes so animal traits express themselves.
  11. Quintessons
    A more advanced post-biological species. They claim that all other species "belong" to them. But while they're powerful, they have no home world and behave like gypsies.
  12. The Decepticons Trade Weapons to the humans for Energy in a Heartbeat
    The U.S. hands over a much fuel as possible to get it. So do the Russians and the Chineese.
  13. Past the Initial Contact, Earth Isn't That Important
    Because we don't care about humans.
  14. Sparks Are Not "Souls"
    Not sure how I'd fit them into the new timeline.
  15. Transformers Are Kinda Cylon-ish
    They experience what they want.
  16. Their Survivability Explains Their Actions
    Because they have control over pain and they're hard to kill, they rarely confront harsh consequences, making them somewhat immature. In a way, they are their own action figures. In short, Autobots are naive and Decepticons are self-centered.
  17. Form Determines Function, and They Choose Their Own Form
    Cybertronians that choose to look inhuman wind up BEING inhuman.