I Will Pick the Perfect Tabletop Game for Everyone on Li.st

Seriously, this is the year you play a REAL game. "Suggest" your name, like, or relist and I'll determine​ the best AND NOT-BEST game for you. Trust me, I'm psychic. For some reason, the "Suggested by" this isn't appearing.
  1. Ooooh oooh do me! We're in a game rut.
    Suggested by @edoublebubs
  2. @edoublebubs ' Perfect Game is THE BIG BOOK OF MADNESS
    It's basically Harry Potter meets Call of Cthulhu meets Army of Darkness.
  3. @edoublebubs ' not-perfect game is COLT EXPRESS
    It's like Westworld, but not.
  4. I'm interested in solo RPGs.
    Suggested by @RPGx1
  5. @RPGx1 's pefect game is THE SOLO SYSTEM
    Technically a solo board game system, it's inspired by Mythic Emulator. Easily used for RPGs.
  6. @RPGx1 's not-perfect game is THUNDERBIRDS
    Rescue the world in the most godlike future-planes ever. Has a solitaire more. Also, there's a supplement that turns the board game into an RPG.
  7. @elmospimpingme's perfect game is CAKE DUEL
    Despite the "cute" art and absurd backstory (you're fighting to be the king's baker) it's a great war-is-deception game.
  8. @elmospimpingme's not-perfect game is TOKAIDO
    The player who has the most pleasant journey across Japan wins.
  9. @Grosstastic's perfect game is THE NETWORKS
    Players program TV networks with combinations of Shows, Stars, and Ads.
  10. @Grosstastic's not-perfect game is GLOOM
    The family with the most tragic deaths wins.
  11. 💜 Catan and want something similar in strategy!
    Suggested by @sadiewills
  12. @sadiewills' perfect game is ABOVE AND BELOW
    It's a worker placement strategy game with a choose-your-own-own-adventure(ish) quest mechanic. Excellent artwork (like everything Ryan Laukat designs).
  13. @sadiewills' not-perfect game is POWER GRID DELUXE
    A heavy-ish eurostyle strategy game. Players run competing power companies. The player with the most connected cities wins Capitalism.
  14. @wordytime's perfect game is Le Fantome De L'Opera
    A two player deception/deduction game. An investigator tracks, accuses, and clears a cast of characters as he tries to find and trap the Fantome.
  15. @wordytime's not-perfect game is BRING YOUR OWN BOOK
    A timed challenge game. Each card is has two prompts. The player who find matching text in their book collection wins the round.
  16. Mama Bear aka @Heartsounds
    Suggested by @Heartsounds
  17. @Heartsounds' perfect game is SURVIVE: ESCAPE FROM ATLANTIS
    Players try to evacuate their islanders from a crumbling island before a volcano blows.
  18. @Heartsounds' not-perfect game is SHERIFF OF NOTTINGHAM
    A bluffing game. Players take turns as the sheriff. Everyone then tried to smuggle untaxed or contraband items past the sheriff. Or not. Some times it's better to play it straight. Whoever has the most money at the end wins.
  19. @faithyfizer's perfect game is BEST TREEHOUSE EVER
    Lightweight game of tree house design.
  20. @faithyfizer's not-perfect game is TRAGEDY LOOPER
    Primer meets Revenge meets ANYTHING ON THE CW reimagined as an anime. Protagonists try to save the characters from a crazy mastermind with a limited number of time reboots.
  21. @macnchz' perfect game is EUPHORIA: BUILD A BETTER DYSTOPIA
    A worker placement game of futurist worldbuilding. Brave New World with factionalism.
    A storytelling game of gonzo adventures.
  23. @aliciamcelhaney's perfect game is PENNY PRESS
    Rival newspaper magnates battle for readership and circulation. Great art design and the tiles feel fantastic.
  24. @aliciamcelhaney' not-perfect game is DECEPTION: MURDER IN HONG KONG
    Werewolf meets Clue. Investigators race to find a killer that one player, the Forensic Scientist, knows. Great deception/deduction game.
  25. @taylormorley' perfect game is TIMELINE: MUSIC & CINEMA
    Similar to a trivia game. Players must correctly place music and movies in the correct chronological order. Integrates with a dozen other versions of Timeline about history, sports, ect.
  26. @taylormorley' not-perfect game is BIBLIOS
    Players are competing medieval abbots trying to build the build the most prestigious library. Lightweight and fairly short.
  27. @eriknmichaelssrn's perfect is SWINGING JIVECAT VOODOO LOUNGE
    Magic the Gathering meets Power Grid. Influence party-people by buying them drinks (the drink cards have the actual drink recipe) to cast voodoo spells and become the most hep voodoo spirit.
  28. @eriknmichaelssrn' not-perfect game is SPACETEAM (WITH THE NOT SAFE FOR SPACE EXPANSION)
    Spaceteam is basically a game of shouting out technobabble to fix a disintegrating spaceship. The NSFS expansion adds words you wouldn't normally want to shout in polite company.
  29. My new favorite 👏🏻
    Suggested by @jmewants2travel
  30. @jmewants2travel >> That can't be your favorite game because I DIDN'T ASSIGN IT TO YOU. But it's OK. I can save you from this 😒 trivia game.
  31. @jmewants2travel's perfect game is SPYFALL
    Players tavel the world trying to sniff out the spy among them. It's Werewolf meets Cold War era McCarthy-ism. It's also hysterical.
  32. @jmewants2travel' not-perfect game is HARRY POTTER: HOGWARTS BATTLE
    A what-if retelling of the Harry Potter saga. It's a co-op deck building game with multiple packages that release cards pertaining to each of the 7 books.
  33. @NumbahTwo's perfect game is ARCHER: ONCE YOU GO BLACKMAIL
    Basically advanced Love Letter with special abilities and dick moves.
  34. @NumbahTwo's not-perfect game is MR. MESEEKS' BOX O' FUN
    Truth or Dare meets Yahtzee meets mad science.
  35. @eatthelove's perfect game is SUSHI GO PARTY
    Players race for points by creating combinations of sushi dishes. Lightweight and easy to learn.
  36. @eatthelove's not-perfect game is THE GALLERIST
    Competing art galleries fight for talent, visitors, and collectors.
  37. @pathb's perfect game is VITACULTURE: ESSENTIAL EDITION
    A rare "classy" board game. It's a traditional worker placement game with gorgeous components.
  38. @pathb's not-perfect game is PANDEMIC
    It's basically Contagion: the Board Game. The players travel the world treating and curing an onslaught of diseases before they wipe out humanity.
  39. @_leia_'s perfect game is TSURO
    A almost zen-like tile laying game. Players place tiles in order to extend the path they're travelling without falling off the board. The last player to resist being shuffled off this mortal coil wins.
  40. @_leia_'s not-perfect game is MY FIRST STONE AGE
    A brilliant but simple set collection game suitable for children as young as 5.
  41. @shanaz' perfect game is JUNK ART
    A game with multiple play modes. Sculptors travel the world and competed to create the best abstract art...that doesn't fall over.
  42. @shanaz' not-perfect game is GET BIT
    Each player gets a figure that loses limbs as a pursuing shark takes out swimmers one by one.
  43. Ooh me! I wanna know. Some of my favorites ( pictomania, catan, time stories asylum, cosmic encounter, forbidden desert, dead of winter)
    Suggested by @svader
  44. @svader's perfect game is ESCAPE: THE CURSE OF THE TEMPLE
    A real-time dice rolling game. Basically Indiana Jones crossed with the last 5 minutes of The Mummy. Roll frantically to get the right results and move through the ancient temple. If the timer runs out, you'll be trapped in the temple forever.
  45. @svader's not-perfect game is PANDEMIC LEGACY
    All the stress of Pandemic with added horror of tearing up cards and permanently marking the board.
  46. My family is obsessed with Avalon,, but we've been playing it for a while. I'd love something similar to that!
    Suggested by @jency
  47. @jency's perfect game is ONE NIGHT ULTIMATE WEREWOLF
    All the fun of Werewolf and The Resistance, but quick enough to fit in multiple games.
  48. @jency's not-perfect game is ONIRIM
    Basically an abstract maze in card form. Simple, brilliant system with beautiful artwork. The 2nd Edition box includes 6 expansions, so this game doesn't get old anytime soon.
  49. We play a lot of Scrabble and Ticket to Ride. Also like 7 Wonders and Hive. But: what's the perfect game for me?
    Suggested by @andersun
  50. @andersun's perfect game is STRING RAILWAY
    A freeform route building game. Place train station tiles and string rails to provide the best transportation route.
  51. @andersun's not-perfect game is RISK LEGACY
    Post-modern, transhuman Risk. Over a 15 game campaign, stickers are used to alter territories, cards are torn up, and continents are renamed in permanent marker. And the rules change. Sealed envelopes with required events have more stickers that are added to the rule book.
  52. @jacqueline's perfect game is MASCARADE
    The fanciest bullshitting game ever. Standard take-that game with a twist: you could be lying about what card you actually have. But if someone calls your bluff, you take a financial hit, putting you further from the goal of 13 gold.
  53. @jacqueline's not-perfect game is GRIFTERS
    A lightweight game of futuristic heists, con jobs, kidnappings, and other crime. It's Oceans 11 meets The Expanse.
  54. @sarahsmith4's perfect game is POTION EXPLOSION
    A marble-driven puzzle game that's totally not set the the Harry Potter universe. Students mix potions to score points or game the system. Lightweight and easy to teach.
  55. @sarahsmith4's not-perfect game is EUPHORIA: BUILD A BETTER DYSTOPIA
    It's 1984 meets Brave New World meets Divergent meets Gangs of New York. Competing elites fight to lead their workers and build the best dystopia.
  56. Please suggest a solo game for me. I currently own Onirim, Friday, and Elder Sign. I would like a D&D or horror style game but am open. I also like the solitaire (card) mechanic. I enjoy Friday thematically but is much too hard to win. (My favorite non-solo games right now FYI are Burgle Bros, Codenames, and Betrayal at House of the Hill.)
    I like elder sign a lot but the setup takes FOREVER and I forget the rules each time. Suggested by @cordeliane
  57. @cordeliane's perfect game is ESCAPE: ZOMBIE CITY
    A real-time, dice-chucking game. Players roll dice to get the right combinations in order to run, search for supplies, or fight. A CD provides sound cues, a timer, and a creepy vibe. Includes a solitaire mode.
  58. @cordeliane's not-perfect game is VAST: THE CRYSTAL CAVERNS
    A dungeon crawler with a rock, paper, scissors-ish logic. The Knight, the Dragons, the Goblin Horde, and the Cave itself are all after their own victory conditions. Includes a solitaire mode. Currently out-of-print but a new printing is on the way.
  59. @randi's perfect game is EVOLUTION
    A what-if species-development game. Players direct the evolution of their animals by adding traits like Climbing, Hard Shells, or Carnivorous. The most biologically successful species wins.
  60. @randi's not-perfect game is BREW CRAFTERS
    A brewery simulator. Medium weight and longer than some games, but the business strategy and recipe development aspects keep things interesting.
  61. Bring it on. 🎲🎲
    Suggested by @HisDudeness
  62. @HisDudeness' perfect game is WE DIDN'T PLAYTEST THIS AT ALL
    Really lightweight take-that game full of mini-games, challenges, and random one-off mechanics. The core box includes some expansions that are even more systems.
  63. @HisDudeness' not-perfect game is BattleBall
    Cybernetic future football. Plays very fast, the over/under dice mechanic is brilliant. Out of print but there are still some cheap copies on Amazon.
  64. @jennifergster's perfect game is TIMELINE: HISTORIC EVENTS
    Lightweight card game of arranging historical events in the right order. Integrated with several other Timeline games.
  65. @jennifergster's not-perfect game is HISTORIA
    Risk mashed up with Civilization. A little crunchy but easy to learn.
  66. @quixotic's perfect game is TSURO OF THE SEAS
    A thematic abstract game. Sail your ship on an increasingly chaotic course and be the last ship to fall off the side of the sea. Also, there's a sea monster.
  67. @quixotic's not-perfect game is BLUEPRINTS
    Construct buildings using dice that represent different building materials. Using the right dice in the right configuration earn you points, which win you the game. The limited number of dice in the shared pool ads a somewhat cutthroat element to the game.
  68. @Waddy's perfect game is 7 Wonders
    Or 7 Wonders Duel, which is a related but different, depending on how many other gamers are in his life.
  69. @Waddy's not-perfect game is King of New York
    Giant monsters and robots jockey for position in the Five Boroughs in this strategic dice game. This one's better than a related but different game, King of Tokyo.
  70. @sirjoshwood what do you have for me?
  71. @sirjoshwood's perfect game is PRETENSE
    For the gamer that might have anything, the only thing left is a game wrapped around another game. Basically, each guest of a game night gains points for getting away with their various meta-goals.
  72. @sirjoshwood's not-perfect game is GAME ELECTION
    A system for choosing games for game night.
  73. Something for me and my man who can only use one hand?
    Suggested by   @jannychan
  74. @jannychan's perfect game is ONITAMA
    Chess-like game reskinned as a kung fu fight.
  75. @jannychan's not-perfect game is SHAKESPEARE
    Basically everything that happens off-screen in Shakespeare In Love.
  76. @mbmurray23's perfect game is NOT ALONE
    Alien/Predator by way of Avatar. One player is the Hunter, the rest are the hapless humans. You know the drill.
  77. @mbmurray23's not-perfect game is SAMURAI SPIRIT
    The unofficial Seven Samurai card game.
  78. @iammeghanmurray's perfect game is FORBIDDEN ISLAND.
    A co-op game. Players frantically search an island for four treasures before it sinks into the ocean.
  79. @iammeghanmurray's not-perfect game is BRILLIANTS
    The unofficial Sim-Ant board game.
  80. @imaginbeat's perfect game is 1000 BLANK WHITE CARDS
    The most open-source game on the planet.
  81. @imaginbeat's not-perfect game is STONEHENGE
    An anthology game with 6 games in 1 box. Plus, there are homemade rulesets online.
  82. @ellenh's perfect game is PANDEMIC: IBERIA
    Wipe out malaria, typhus, the yellow fever, and cholera in the 1800s. Easy enough.
  83. @ellenh's not-perfect game is EXPLODING KITTENS
    A simple and horrible game about explosions. And kittens.