Insane (and Kinda Beautiful) Improvised Weapons

There's something beautiful about a handmade instrument of destruction.
  1. Molotov Cocktail
    The classic poor man's grenade, used around the world. They've even been used by US Marines during the Second Battle of Fallujah.
  2. Improvised Molotov Catapults
    Polish resistance fighters used them to fight Nazis.
  3. Nail Bat
    Another culturally agnostic weapon.
  4. Makeshift Pitchforks
    Just one of many nasty masterpieces used by the Ukrainian protesters.
  5. Fire Bomb Slingshot
    Another Ukrainian beauty. Used to lob Molotovs.
  6. GP-30
    Handmade grenade launcher used by Chechen rebels.
  7. Hell Cannon
    Makeshift artillery made by Syrian rebels. Launches propane bombs about a mile.
  8. Grenade Catapult
    Another Syrian rebel contraption.
  9. Improvised Robotic Device
    Wired-guided machine gun with wheels. Again, Syrian rebels.
  10. Stun Glove
    Some maniac built homemade stun gloves. It's only matter of time before we see that someone used something like this in the news.
  11. The Killdozer
    Not exactly improvised, but definitely insane. Marvin Heemeyer, aka Captain Killdozer, flattened a concrete plant, a newspaper, a judge's house, a hardware store, and seven other buildings in the town of Grand Lake, Colorado with a heavily modified bulldozer. He added steel and concrete armor, a 50. caliber machine gun, three other automatic weapons, and a sealed life support system.