My 13 Favorite Tabletop Games of All Time

In no particular order.
  1. Knightmare Chess
    Greatest of the chess variants.
  2. Pandemic
    So many different ways to play.
  3. Pandemic Legacy
    A variant of Pandemic that you alter with stickers and markers. You play through a year of outbreaks and contagions that permanently wipe out cities and kill off characters.
  4. Marvel Super Hero Adventure Game
    The SAGA system edition was one of the best supers RPG because it FELT like a comic book. Drama and awe trumped realism and simulation.
  5. Flatpack
    This is a role playing game that uses on puzzles and mini games to provide challenges to the players. You can integrate crossword puzzles, chess set ups, or even full board games.
  6. Risk Legacy
    After my mother beat my brother and I into submission, she named the planet "Just Margie".
  7. Lunch Money/Beer Money
    There was a time when we played this game every other day for a month.
  8. Heroscape
    Best. Wargame. Ever.
  9. Cyberpunk
    Played this RPG a lot as a kid. The system doesn't hold up anymore (too crunchy) but the setting can easily be ported to Fate, Risus, Cortex, or Flatlack.
  10. Mage Knight
    I don't ever like fantasy but I brought and played a lot of Mage Knight. Mostly played Black Powder Rebels and Elemental League, with lots of mounted units. And I almost always used my Dwarven Steam Behemoth when playing big games. However, if I'd know Mech Warrior was going to be a thing, I'd have waited for that instead.
  11. The Star Wars Roleplaying Game (West End Games)
    The original is still the best. Can easily be updated with the OpenD6 system.
  12. Gammarauders
    Kaiju wargaming.
  13. Mind's Eye Theatre
    I LARPed a lot as a kid. This is still a good system as a tabletop RPG.